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Shopsys B2B Commerce is an open-source B2B ecommerce platform for high-volume wholesalers, producers, and distributors that is the result of our 17 years of experience creating tailor-made solutions.

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2 months payback period of the initial investment
+50 % organic traffic
Office Depot
“The website represents more than 60% of our contract sales, and that is why direct sales are almost exclusively made through it. Therefore, our online shop deserves special attention. Its latest version remains one of the most modern examples of B2B sites in Czech ecommerce.”
Marcel Schmidt
Direct sales manager, Office Depot
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Other successful projects:

+46 % Y2Y growth of orders
+41 % Y2Y growth of visits
We consider Shopsys to be a fast and reliable ecommerce platform. We see the team behind it as a partner we can always turn to for help with improvements, from monitoring our customers’ needs to online activity on the web and current e-commerce trends.
Robert Reček
Web manager, B2B Partner s.r.o.

1. místo Internet Effectiveness Awards 2019
The new portal has resulted in a number of improvements for our customers — we have simplified navigation, added important features, and improved recognition of the availability and delivery of goods. The new and responsive design makes the portal much more user-friendly. We are very satisfied with our cooperation with Shopsys.
Jakub Chmiel
projektový manažer, Démos trade a.s.

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