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Shopsys Framework is a scalable ecommerce platform based on PHP and Symfony. Our product aims to save thousands of dev-hours and help website owners overcome obstacles like technical debt , vendor lock , and building an eshop from scratch.

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Eight Reasons to Choose Our Solution

At Shopsys Framework we understand the importance that reliable infrastructure and quality customer service play when it comes to succeeding online.

We seek to provide the most efficient and fastest customizations and maintenance of medium to big size ecommerce sites by focusing on the features that matter most:

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High Scalability
Thanks to the concept of containerization, we are able to support high scalability of any ecommerce project. Each part of Shopsys Framework's infrastructure is treated as a single container and therefore it is possible to scale it individually.
API for Multichannel
One of the basic elements of the framework is public GraphQL API which provides a single entry point to the business logic for other software (eg. mobile application). In many cases, this solution can prove to be be more efficient than the popular REST.
B2C and B2B Support
The framework also includes many handy B2C e-shop functions and common features which are required for B2B solutions, such as multiple buyer addresses, batch orders, order templates, and custom prices for specific customers.
Multi-Regional Support
Shopsys Framework has built-in support for building ecommerce sites with multiple currencies and domains, which can be translated into various languages.
Extensibility Through Modules
We plan to release a marketplace with installable modules which will be able to provide extra functionality for the framework (eg. product feeds). It will be possible for two or more different modules to edit the same entity.
EU GDPR Current
The framework meets all the necessary criteria put forth by the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. We have considerable expertise in this area, and are also eager to share what we know and have learned in the form of webinars, lectures, and articles.
Best Practice Manuals
There are lots of tutorials, handbooks, and manuals with suggestions of best practices in our documentation in order to guide programmers through the development process and help them with common tasks.
SEO Friendly
Additionally, it is also enables online store operators to set important attributes for search engines (such as a product detail headline, page titles, or meta descriptions), provide solutions to friendly URLs, and implement correct indexation of paginated and filtered pages.

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Agile Development & Ultimate Reliability

Office Depot is a global leading player in office supplies and Shopsys has proudly been offering support services to them for a number of years. However, their former ecommerce site originally did not entirely fit the Czech market and its specific criteria. Learn more about how we helped them strengthen their leading position on the market by significantly increasing key business indicators and effecting an impressive payback period within two months.

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179h Connection to ERP
184h Design Implementation
532h Individual Adjustments
220h Final Adjustments

Easy Adoption (Even for Beginners)

Zoopy is a modern B2C e-shop and one of the top ecommerce sites for parenting in Czech, and as industry leaders have continually aspired to grow and expand. In this case study we are taking a look at how those who haven’t had extensive experience using this type of approach were still able to successfully develop their project using Shopsys Framework.

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680h of Back-End
220h UX / Design
100h Workshops
& Communication