#1 Ecommerce Framework
For In-House & Dedicated Dev Teams

Shopsys Framework (SSFW) is a highly customizable ecommerce framework for businesses transitioning into tech-companies with their own software development team. It contains the most common B2C and B2B features for online stores, and its infrastructure is prepared for high scalability.

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Six Reasons to Choose Our Solution

At Shopsys we understand the importance that reliable infrastructure and constant innovation play when it comes to succeeding online.

We seek to provide the most efficient and fastest solutions for ecommerce businesses transitioning into tech companies by focusing on the things that matter most:

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Stop Building From Scratch
Thanks to our framework your starting point is far ahead of your competitors, so you can focus on unique customization. SSFW contains the most common B2C and B2B features for online stores.
High Scalability
We choose technologies that support the high scalability needs of fast-growing ecommerce businesses. This allows you to scale your project fast and easily handle all traffic peaks.
Preventing Technical Debt
By choosing our framework, you save time, money, and energy in the long term, eliminating the need to create a new solution or suffering rewrites while you work to increase traffic and revenue.
Easy Customization
Shopsys Framework relies on modern architecture, meaning that future customization (developing new features, providing integrations) can be done quickly and easily.
No Vendor Lock-in
Because our framework is open source code, access to developers working with our framework is easier and eliminates wasted time spent familiarizing yourself with a given project.
Support and Know How
If you do not have your own development team currently or you need support in building a product with SSFW, we can offer you many different services: SLA, workshops, and consultation.

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Choosing Ecommerce Framework For In-house Dev Team

NWT a.s. is one of the most important technological advanced and innovative companies in Czechia. The company's goal was to find a solution which would handle the big size of the project. They finally choose Shopsys Framework as their main platform for in-house development.

Show case study

A Full-featured B2B Platform For CEE Market Leader

Démos is an international trading company specializing in the sale of materials for furniture production with a yearly turnover of 155 mln Euro. The main customers include manufacturers, architects and interior contractors, small entrepreneurs, and wholesalers from all over the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary.

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