Why Shopify

Shopify Plus is an extended version of the most widely used global e‑commerce platform, Shopify, which powers over 4.3 million stores in more than 175 countries worldwide.

It is suitable for medium and large e-commerce businesses with annual turnovers ranging from millions to hundreds of millions of euros and do not require a high to unlimited level of customization.

Among the well-known brands that trust this robust platform are companies such as Okay, MANA, ETA, and Ledvance.

Unlike traditional Shopify, Shopify Plus is suitable not only for retailers and D2C sellers but also for B2B businesses.

What does Shopify Plus offer?

Customization including checkout

Compared to the standard Shopify plan, Shopify Plus allows for checkout customization through checkout extensions. This enables us to better tailor the final part of the ordering process to the needs of your customers.

Global expansion and localization

On Shopify Plus, you can manage up to 10 different e-shops from a single administration, allowing you to make changes across all stores. The e-shop can be set up in any language, and you can choose from 133 currencies.

Scalability and performance

As Shopify Plus is primarily designed for medium and large e-shops, the platform is ready to handle high traffic and a large number of transactions. The platform's scalable infrastructure, speed, and reliability are maintained even during peak shopping times.

Advanced analytics and reporting

Compared to standard Shopify, Shopify Plus offers advanced analytical tools and reports that provide you with important information about your customers, revenue, and store performance.

Priority support and a closed community

You have your own account manager and specialized technical support consisting only of Shopify Plus experts. Members of Shopify Plus also have additional access to a private Facebook group where they can engage in discussions with each other.

Exclusive applications

Shopify Plus provides access to advanced Shopify applications designed and intended for e-commerce businesses with high turnovers and rapid growth.

And much more...

  • 140+ professional templates,
including the option for custom design.
  • Obtaining new features through free updates.
  • API ready for integration with PIM, ERP, WMS, …
  • Easy administration, including mobile control.
  • 11,000+ employees
improving the platform.
  • SEO and marketing features, including possible integrations.
  • 8,000+ applications without the need for custom development investment
  • Independence from the agency thanks to the Shopify agency ecosystem.
  • Lower implementation costs compared to other custom solutions.

Shopify Plus is suitable for

Large B2B, B2C, and D2C e-shops that
do not require an unlimited level of customization

Shopify Plus provides extensive options for individual customization of the e-shop while also being capable of managing millions of products and customers. That’s why large brands like Okay, MANA, ETA, Ledvance, and others use this platform.

Medium-sized e-shops

By utilizing existing templates and features Shopify Plus is also a suitable option for e-shops with annual turnovers in the range of millions of euros.

Shopify Plus is not suitable for

Large B2B, B2C, and D2C e-shops that 
 require a high to unlimited level of customization

E-commerce businesses with turnovers from the high tens of millions to hundreds of millions of euros, who cannot adapt to the limitations of Shopify and require very specific processes or implementations. For such e-shops, a more suitable solution is on our platform Shopsys Platform.

Small B2C and B2B e-shops

Shopify Plus costs at least 1,900 euros per month, which is why it is a more suitable option for small e-shops to consider ready-made solution (such as regular Shopify).

Comparison of Shopify Plus and Shopsys Platform

Ease of use
Number of products
Implementation costs/td>
Licensing costs
Maintenance costs
Source code licenses
Number of applications/td>
Suitable for
Ease of use High
Scalability High
Number of products Unlimited
Security High
Implementation costs Lower than Shopsys Platform
Licensing costs Higher than Shopsys Platform
Maintenance costs Higher than Shopsys Platform
(if the e-shop contains many customizations)
Source code licenses No
Number of applications 8000+
Customizability High, but not unlimited
Suitable for
Medium to large B2B, B2C, and D2C e‑shops, that do not require an unlimited level of customization.
Easy of use Medium
Scalability High
Number of products Unlimited
Security High
Implementation costs Higher than Shopify Plus
Licensing costs Lower than Shopify Plus
Maintenance costs Medium
(thanks to regular upgrades)
Source code licenses Yes
Number of applications Dozens
Customizability 100 %
Suitable for
Large B2B, B2C, and D2C e-shops that require a high to unlimited level of customization.

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How our Shopify division was created

In 2023, we joined forces with Sounds Good – the Czech and Slovak leader in creating custom Shopify e-shops.

Sounds Good, a member of the Shopsys Group is also the first and only agency in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with Shopify Experts certification (the certification is only awarded to agencies that have been individually verified by Shopify).

Among our clients on Shopify are well-known brands such as Mana, Okay.cz, Ledvance, ETA, and GoPay.