Why Shopsys Platform

Shopsys Platform is an open code e-commerce platform ready for building large e-shops that require unlimited scaling and customization options. It is based on our original Shopsys Framework, and we have invested millions of euros into its development since 2016.

Our platform offers a React-based storefront, is lean (without unnecessary code), and releases new features in new versions alongside its stable core.

Shopsys Platform is suitable for large B2C, B2B, and D2C e-shops with annual turnovers ranging from the high tens of millions to hundreds of millions of euros. E-shops such as Tescoma and B2B Partner run on this platform.

What does Shopsys Platform offer?

Unlimited customization options.

We developed our e-commerce platform, Shopsys Platform, to meet the requirements of the largest e-shops that do not want or cannot be limited in any way. That's why we offer a lean solution without unnecessary code, suitable for unlimited customization.

Code ownership

Forget about vendor lock-in. Shopsys Platform is open-code. It means that we can provide you with your source code at any time so that you can continue further development with your in-house team or one of our partner agencies.

Headless solution with React frontend by default

The latest technology of separating the frontend from the backend offers two independent applications, an excellent user experience, easy integration with other applications such as mobile apps, faster speed, and lower data consumption.

Global expansion and localization

Our e-shops operate in 193 countries around the world. The readiness of our platform allows us to implement specific services for a given market or change the appearance and functions of individual domains. Any currencies and languages are, of course, supported.

Scalability and performance

Our platform offers a reliable core and cutting-edge technologies. Shopsys Platform can handle high traffic and a high number of transactions. The solution is scalable and can be upgraded, which means you won't outgrow it and avoid technical debt.

Local supplier providing support

Local development of our e-commerce platform guarantees our clients fast and accessible support 24/7, offers independence from third-party services, and thereby reduces the risk of potential complications.

And much more...

  • Unlimited integration possibilities with PIM, ERP, CRM, …
  • Co-development with the option of in-house development.
  • Continuous development of technologies and security.
  • Modern yet proven technologies.
  • Omnichannel solution suitable for applications, kiosks, POS, …
  • Composable Commerce environment.

Infrastructure scheme.

Shopsys Platform is suitable for

Large B2B, B2C, and D2C e-shops that
require a high to unlimited level of customization

E-commerce businesses with turnovers from the high tens of millions to hundreds of millions of euros, which cannot adapt to the limitations of Shopify and require very specific processes or implementations.

Shopsys Platform is not suitable for

Large B2B, B2C, and D2C e-shops that
do not require an unlimited customization.

E-shops with turnovers in the tens to hundreds of millions of euros that do not require high or complete control over customization. For such e-shops, a more suitable solution may be Shopify Plus, which offers extensive options for customizing the e-shop to their specific needs while efficiently managing millions of products and customers.

Small and medium-sized e-shops

Shopsys Platform is a lean platform without unnecessary code, making it primarily suitable for large custom e-shops.


For small e-shops, we recommend choosing a boxed solution from other providers.


Medium-sized e-shops can utilize our custom e-commerce services using the Shopify Plus platform, which allows for the use of existing templates and features, making it suitable for e-shops with annual turnovers in the range of millions of euros.

Comparison of Shopsys Platform and Shopify Plus

Ease of use
Number of products
Implementation costs
Licensing costs
Maintenance costs
Source code licenses
Number of applications
Suitable for
Ease of use Medium
Scalability High
Number of products Unlimited
Security High
Implementation costs Higher than Shopify Plus
Licensing costs Lower than Shopify Plus
Maintenance costs Medium
(thanks to regular upgrades)
Source code licenses Yes
Number of applications Dozens
Customizability 100 %
Suitable for
Large B2B, B2C, and D2C e-shops that require a high to unlimited level of customization.
Ease of use High
Scalability High
Number of products Unlimited
Security High
Implementation costs Lower than Shopsys Platform
Licensing costs Higher than Shopsys Platform
Maintenance costs Higher than Shopsys Platform
(if the e-shop contains many customizations)
Source code licenses No
Number of applications 8000+
Customizability High, but not unlimited
Suitable for
Medium to large B2B, B2C, and D2C e-shops that do not require an unlimited level of customization.

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Overview of functionalities

Customer accounts

Registration and login

User section

Multiple delivery addresses

Another 3 functions

GDPR requirements

Collecting emails for newsletters

Customer login

Products and categories

Product and category management

Parameters and filtering

Types of parameters (slider, color, etc.), expanding parameters in the filter

Another 10 functions

Discontinuation from sale and archiving

Overlimit quantities

Unique selling arguments

Dictionaries (parameters, manufacturers, attributes…)

Mass product updates

Variant products

Product attributes

Categories by attribute

Sorting priority in product listings

Files attached to products

Availability and Warehouses

Warehouse and Store Registers

List of Stores on the Frontend

Store Details on the Frontend

Another 3 functions

Product Availability in the Store

Product Display in the Store

Interpretation of Availability

Pricing Strategy

Manual Price Entry

Price Groups


Another 3 functions

VAT Rates

Advanced Discount Coupons

Free Shipping

Shipping and Payments

Editable Shipping List

Editable Payment List

In-store Pickup

Another 5 functions

Bank Transfer, Cash on Delivery

Combination of Shipping and Payment Methods

Zásilkovna (Parcel Lockers)


Parcel Tracking

Cart and Checkout Process

3-step checkout process

Editable thank-you page

Free shipping

Another 2 functions

Editable order

Editable order statuses


Expanded SEO categories (creating landing pages)

Advanced SEO (canonicalization, rich snippets, CLP, etc.)

Subscription to the newsletter

Another 4 functions

List of unused URLs

Feeds for product search engines

Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

Insertion of custom scripts

Customer communication

Editable transactional emails

Editable system emails

Notification bar

Another 1 function

Contact form

Frontend navigation

Full-text search with autocomplete

Editable horizontal menu

Editable category banners

Another 1 function

Editable articles in the footer of the e-shop


Dashboard with basic overviews

Management of administrator access rights

Access rights groups based on administrator roles

Another 2 functions

Customer login

Overview of crons and transfers