Release highlights SSFW v11.0.0

We are proud to announce the release of the next major version of Shopsys Framework – v11.0.0. Its main change is the upgrade to Symfony 5.4 LTS that also includes upgrades of other packages, several new features that our community requested and equally important fixes of several bugs.

What is new in Shopsys Framework?

Updated packages:

  • Symfony 5.4 LTS (#2496) – we have upgraded SSFW to the latest Long-Term Support version of Symfony. Our strategy is to stick to LTS. You can read more information about this Symfony version in their blog article.
  • Guzzle updated to version 7.5
  • ElFinder updated to version 12.2
  • Flysystem updated to version 3.11
  • GraphQL updated to version 0.15
  • Redis bundle updated to version 4.4.1
  • Twig updated to version 3.5
  • Heuréka ověřeno zákazníky updated to version 4.11
  • Swiftmailer replaced by Symfony Mailer

Shopsys Framework noteworthy application changes

  • Images sitemap (#2551) – a new sitemap for images in order to improve your SEO results.
  • Ordering of products by availability (#2555) – available products are now at the beginning of all product lists and no longer available products are at the end.
  • Image names (#2566) – you can now enter the name of an image for all uploaded images and this name is used as image ALT on the web.
  • Phing target demo-data (#2520) this new phing target allows you to reinstall demo data in the Postgres database and export them to Elastic in one step. This target replaces the current db-demo target.
  • Refactoring of GraphQL resolvers (#2563) – resolvers for retrieving data are no longer named *Resolver but *Query. We have also added automatic mapping of resolver methods as aliases for usage in GraphQL definitions.
  • And many more. You can find a list of all changes on our Github.

We hope you will enjoy the latest version of Shopsys Framework. If you have any questions about our platform, please visit our Slack or Github Discussions.