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Building, developing, and caring for medium and large-sized companies looking to quickly expand and grow within the ecommerce market is our goal and we enjoy working hard to help our clients reach their full potential.


ISO 9001:2009

Eco Company

Zelená firma

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APEK – Association of E-commerce

Multinational Company

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Our Values


Trust  – Trust is one of our main cornerstones. We behave in a way which builds trust with our clients and business partners. We trust not only our team members but also ourselves. We believe in the strategy and future of our company and we are well-respected for our know-how on the market.


Cooperation – We all pull together, we are open and always willing to help each other out. We support team cooperation and we enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience with others, both internally and with those outside our company.


Innovation – We understand the importance of change. We are flexible and fearless when it comes to adopting new ways of thinking. We are consciously learning and looking for new solutions we can implement in order to improve both the Shopsys Framework and the market we are operating within.


Friendliness – We are informal an we believe that every team member deserves straightforward and fair treatment. We show interest in our colleagues, we are honest and we do our best to take care of every single one of them. We are sympathetic and we act not only in every team member’s interest but also in the interest of our clients and business partners.

15 years of experience
800 built online stores
80+ employees
1 team