Benefits for Business

In developing Shopsys Framework we tended to focus on the areas where online sellers experienced the most trouble, both in terms of technical issues and logistics, with an emphasis on increasing efficiency across the board.

Key to Success in Ecommerce

To really succeed in ecommerce nowadays means being able to adapt to the changing face of online business by becoming a tech company, and rising to the challenge of meeting the needs of customers.


Preventing Technical Debt

Choosing easy and cheap solutions at the beginning can result in technical debt later on. This is where Shopsys Framework aims to help the most .  If we think about the extra time that is spent repairing and maintaining software, this can accumulate very quickly and become a deficit for ecommerce sites. Therefore, eliminating technical debt is at the forefront of our framework so that more energy can be devoted to innovation.


No Vendor Lock-in

 On top of technical debt, vendor lock can set back a company even quicker. When the vendor or proprietor of an ecommerce software is the only one who can access, understand, and fix problems that arise, the speed and efficiency in which issues are dealt with becomes contingent upon an outside party. Because Shopsys Frameworks is open source code and has a rich documentation, any changes within the development team (as people come and go) should not incur any large losses or wasted time spent on familiarizing themselves with a given project.


No Building from Scratch 

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use dozens of existing extensions and bundles such as payment methods, ERP data connectors, and front-end or back-end features. By choosing ready-made modules, you not only save time but also minimize costs.


Agile / Scrum Driven

By adopting Shopsys Framework you can also adopt agile software development methods. Our experts will help you adapt to working in Scrum, which is an essential tool in today’s market. At any time, we can conduct a training course for you on how to integrate this technology with your team.


Support and Know-How

Even though Shopsys Framework is very easy to customize, we attach great importance to the preparation of legible user and developer documentation. Our resources include everything from tutorials, handbooks, case studies, and forums so your developers can create, customize, and maintain your ecommerce site comfortably and easily.