Benefits for Business

In developing Shopsys Framework, we tend to focus on the areas where retail and B2B-oriented companies experience the most challenges while undergoing a digital transformation.

Key to Success in Ecommerce

To really succeed in ecommerce nowadays means being able to adapt to the changing face of the retail business by providing customers with a fully-integrated shopping experience. 


A stable and reliable foundation for building your project

 Shopsys Framework is the fruit of our 17 years of experience in creating custom ecommerce solutions. Our product is currently used for projects with tens and hundreds of millions of Euros of turnover per year. It is developed and supported by fully dedicated developers with many years of experience in creating IT products. The system is developed in such a way that it’s upgradable. Shopsys Framework is offered in Community and Commercial or Cloud Editions that significantly expand its capabilities and our scope of support.


Innovative and proven technologies

What makes Shopsys Framework trustworthy is the use of technologies that are already being implemented by the largest ecommerce players. First of all, it can be scaled easily thanks to the use of the containerization and orchestration concepts (Docker, Kubernetes). The platform is based on one of the best PHP frameworks on the market – Symfony.


An investment that pays off

Our clients’ case studies show that the implementation of Shopsys solutions  resulted in higher average orders value with their customers and more frequent purchases. Additionally, companies like Office Depot and Demos have demonstrated that for large players, the return on investment in an ecommerce project can pay back even within a few months.


Access to comprehensive services

Choosing our product you get access to our comprehensive services, such as: technical support with SLA, co-development and help in building your own tech team, training and consultation, etc. What’s more, we can also offer you non-technical services – business consulting, graphic & UI designing, and data-driven marketing campaigns.


Taking advantage of the real open source

Not only have we published our code on GitHub, but we also aim to build a helpful community around the project and keep the core of the system upgradeable for as long as possible. We also pride ourselves in responding to inquiries and helping our clients solve any issues that may arise. An important aspect of open-source software is that also protects you against so-called vendor lock-in.