Benefits for Business

In developing Shopsys Framework (SSFW) we tended to focus on the areas where online sellers experienced the most challenges, both in terms of technical issues and logistics, with an emphasis on increasing efficiency across the board.

Key to Success in Ecommerce

To really succeed in ecommerce nowadays means being able to adapt to the changing face of online business by becoming a tech company, and rising to the challenge of meeting the needs of customers.


State-of-the-art platform that grows with you

One of the major issues with ecommerce companies involves outgrowing their systems, but with Shopsys Framework you avoid technical debt and don’t have to worry about your code needing constant refactorization. Our modern architecture corresponds to the latest trends in the software production for ecommerce solutions. What’s more, from the very beginning we offer a fully functional platform that meets the requirements of enterprise-class systems (the MIT style license is valid until 12 million EUR of online total sales).


A stable and reliable ground for building your ecommerce business

 Shopsys Framewok is the fruit of our 15 years of experience in creating custom-made online stores. Our product is currently used for custom made online stores with tens of millions of Euros of turnover per year. It is developed and supported by fully dedicated developers with many years of experience in creating IT products. Because the code of our platform is open source, we are also able to avoid the obstacle of vendor lock-in. What’s more, the system is developed in such a way that you can upgrade it without spending hundreds of hours adjusting the code to newer versions.


Product created for best in-house dev teams

Developers who build using our platform appreciate our code quality (high coding standards and automatic 5-level testing), prepared infrastructure (CI), and best practices for development of big applications (Git flow). Thanks to well tested software, you avoid mistakes that could put you at risk of losing money.


Innovative and proven technologies

What distinguishes Shopsys Framework from most open source systems is the use of technologies that are already being implemented by the largest ecommerce players. First of all, you can scale the system easily thanks to the use of the containerization and orchestration concepts (Docker, Kubernetes). The platform is based on one of the best PHP frameworks on the market – Symfony. A new feature we are transitioning into is the use of the micro-services architecture which allows the development of independent software “modules” which can be handled by outsourced dev teams.


System that is easy to customize

Shopsys Framework has a modern architecture, which means that future customization (implementing modules, providing integrations) can be done easily and hassle-free. We are also planning to implement a module store (with 3rd party ready-made modules) to assist in saving time and costs for medium-sized projects.