Benefits for Developers

We know the trials and tribulations inherent in building and/or maintaining an ecommerce site, especially when that site belongs to a mid to large scale online business.

Achieve Your Goals

Where time and functionality are the keys to success, Shopsys Framework helps to cut down on resource consumption, improve efficiency, and make it easier to achieve the results you want.


Reliability & Sustainability

  • Intuitive Code – relies on an easy and intuitive way to write code which has been tried and tested, so you’ll always know you’re doing it right. Extremely developer-friendly, and needs minimal documentation.
  • High Coding Standards – respecting strict coding standards not only makes our code clear and understandable for you and your collaborators, but it also helps you to stay aligned with the best practices when developing your project.
  • 5-level Testing – the unit, integration/database, smoke, integration, and performance tests ensure that critical scenarios are covered and even inexperienced developers will be able to work with the product and avoid making errors.


Optimized for Big Traffic – handles up to 120,000 items without caching on one machine (real use-case). Burden with cache only when it makes sense!

Built-in scalability (see our infrastructure).


Built-in Features

Basic Features Automatically Handled… – multi-domain, multi-currency, multi-language, product filtering, deployment, etc.

…So You Can Focus on What Matters – create a wide array of innovative and differentiating features that will make your project stand out and help you gain a competitive edge.