Benefits for Developers

We know the struggles inherent in building and/or maintaining an ecommerce site, especially when that site belongs to a mid to large scale online business.

Where time and functionality are the keys to success, Shopsys Framework helps to cut down on resource consumption, improve efficiency, and make it easier to achieve the results you want.


State-of-the-art platform ready for high scaling

Shopsys Framework is based on our 15 years of experience associated with the creation of dedicated online stores. We wanted to create a platform that would meet the needs of the best in-house dev teams. Its architecture corresponds to the latest trends in software production for ecommerce solutions. What’s more, from the very beginning we offer a fully functional platform that meets the requirements of enterprise-class systems (the MIT style license is valid until 12 million EUR of online total sales).


Modern technologies adoption

As developers, we rely heavily on incorporating new technologies in order to keep learning and improving our skills. Currently, as part of a number of innovations we are adopting in Shopsys Framework, we implemented the microservices concept. We believe that thanks to easier development it will become the standard for the production of software for medium and large ecommerce projects over the coming years.


Deployment and scaling the system with ease

Thanks to containerization (via Docker) and orchestration (Kubernetes) the process of deploying the system and scaling it up is smoother than ever. In practice, you can begin using Shopsys Framework on your Linux or Mac in under 2 hours, and deploy it to any Cloud provider or to your own servers according to your preferences.


High quality and intuitive code

Respecting strict coding standards not only makes our code clear and understandable for you and your collaborators, but it also helps you to stay aligned with the best practices when developing your project. 5-level Testing – the unit, integration/database, smoke, integration, and performance tests ensure that critical scenarios are covered and even inexperienced developers will be able to work with the product and avoid making errors.


Taking advantage of the real open source

Not only did we publish the code on GitHub, but also aim to build a helpful community around the project and keep the core of the system upgradeable for as long as possible. We also pride ourselves on responding to inquiries and helping our clients solve any issues that may arise.


Best Support and Know-How

Even though Shopsys Framework is very easy to customize, we attach great importance to the preparation of legible user and developer documentation. Our resources are based on years of experience and include everything from tutorials, cookbooks (CI, Git Flow), and even a Slack group so that developers can create, customize, and maintain your ecommerce site comfortably and easily.