Benefits for Software Houses

In addition to the benefits of choosing our system (business, developers), we are also looking to partner with other ecommerce agencies and software houses which would benefit from Shopsys. We know that there are a huge number of preexisting platforms in this field, but we have prepared something special for a long-term dedicated team.

What Our Partner Says

We spent a lot of time searching for the right solution until we found Shopsys Framework (…) it’s not just a super core over which powerful e-shops can be built, but there’s also the support from Shopsys company and the helpful attitude of their people. We can therefore concentrate on what is essential to us and our clients.

[Milan Bartoň, owner of BARTON STUDIO]


State-of-art solution in your portfolio

We give you the opportunity to extend your software portfolio with state-of-art solutions. We do not require software houses to rely solely on our system to handle every project. On the contrary, we want it to be implemented where it makes sense and reaps the greatest benefits for clients. We are convinced that our product is the best solution for agencies and software houses constantly dedicated to clients’ online stores.


Full Sales and Technical Support

We provide tech consultation – architecture consulting, business analysis, code-review and workshops. We offer full sales support (free training for sales employees, free access to marketing materials, help in the process of selling the product to the client, etc.). In turn, this helps you increase your marketing and sales opportunities, and you will be recognized as an expert in Shopsys Framework and listed on our website and other advertising materials.


High commission fees and free leads

We do not require any membership fee from agencies and we offer one of the highest sales commission from commercial license annual/perpetual fee across ecommerce platforms. What’s more, partners who meet the requirements will receive free leads. 


Module Store = Passive Profit Generator

In the beginning of 2019 we are releasing a module store with a wide offer of extensions and features for Shopsys Framework users. The modulestore would be a great profit generator for all partnering software houses.