Shopsys Roadshow - bringing our e‑commerce knowhow on the road

After the successful release of Shopsys Framework in September, we organized the Shopsys Roadshow during October, in order to showcase our product and share our experience creating large ecommerce sites.

More than 150 people representing 78 different software houses and in-house teams gathered at meetups in Czechia, Slovakia, and Poland.


If you missed Shopsys Roadshow, but are interested in watching the presentations, you can access them (in Czech).

Watch the presentations!

Shopsys Roadshow Program

Introduction to Shopsys Framework from CTO point of view
Shopsys Framework is an open-source scalable framework for building large ecommerce solutions that you can start using for your project today. We will look at its architecture & technology stack and explain how do we think about it.


Building an infrastructure of big ecommerce solutions
We focus a lot on the architecture of our ecommerce app because we believe that the skeleton of any ecommerce project needs to be able to support everything that follows. Let us show you how technologies like Docker and Kubernetes help us achieve that.


Better code quality and easier code management with Continuous Integration
We have automated the processes of setting up and testing an app. This allows us to focus on important tasks and still be sure that everything is working just as it should. At this lecture, we’ll show you how to start with CI, discuss different ways to use automation, and share tips on how you can make your life a little easier when developing an online store.


Roundtable: agile and process management for teams and companies
Parallel roundtable discussions on topics like agile project management, process management and others.


Let’s talk
Saving the best for last – we want to know about the online stores YOU are building! We can’t wait to hear your stories, discuss experiences and cool ideas, and have a beer or two with you.

Our teammates you got to meet

Petr Heinz Photo

As a lead developer and architect, Petr has a major say in the future direction of Shopsys Framework development. He loves clean code, regular expressions, and clever design.

Petr Heinz Lead Developer & Architect

Lukáš has been involved in the development of large ecommerce solutions for the past 10 years, mainly in terms of process approach and management. His work is mainly influenced by agile practices and thinking. As a CTO of the company, he is responsible for the ecommerce platform of the Shopsys Framework.

Lukáš Heinz CTO

15 years ago, Petr founded Shopsys which has since grown into a company of 80 employees. As the CEO, he is the head of strategic management and of the company in general. He is regularly invited to talk about ecommerce abroad.

Petr Svoboda Founder & CEO

Despite being the youngest member of our team, he is our main expert for orchestration and Docker. He is very energetic and you can find him at our Prague office.

Matouš Czerner Shopsys Framework Developer

Did you miss Shopsys Roadshow? Watch the presentations!

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